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This sculpture commemorates the horrific events of September 11th

I cannot add to the countless words and speeches that express the anger, outrage, and grief that was felt on that fateful day.

As the years passed my anger and outrage have given way to a profound sense sorrow.

Sorrow for lost lives, Sorrow for broken hearts, and Sorrow for futures destroyed.

And yet , the sculpture for me , is about Resilience , Dignity and Human Spirit.

The work celebrates mankind's resilience in the face of terrorism. the dignity of frontline workers and the collective human spirit that celebrates values of freedom.


I have cut  the iconic  volume of the Twin Towers with   2763  incisions.   Each incision reflects a life lost. 

I have tried to approach this work with sensitivity and responsivity.

I have not represented the Hijackers. The work is launched on a equidistant date to avoid exploiting emotions.

Material: Patinated Bronze.          Size: 12' x 10' x 18'                Weight: 28Lbs 

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